Gardening and Horticulture

Today, everyone seems to be focusing on eating healthy, or at least trying to. Even though fast foods are convenient and handy, they do not take the place of fresh or organic fruits and vegetables. Most shoppers will go to their local super market to purchase fresh produce that has been farmed by someone else. But, back in the day, a lot of people who were the parents of the baby boomers of today planted their own vegetable gardens. They raised their families on the crops of their labors. Although gardening automatically saves you money on your grocery bills when it comes to buying vegetables, it also has other benefits as well, especially for the older generation or the seniors.

When you create a little garden in your yard, you have to tend to it every day. Tending to it is a form of low impact cardiovascular exercise, which benefits the heart. Working in your garden increases a person’s flexibility, their balance and their strength, because you are using all the major muscles in your body while tending to your garden. After all, you are bending, stooping, stretching and digging when it comes to maintaining the upkeep of a garden. You are getting a workout.

Not only does it bring you a nutritional value, when your garden is ripe for picking, gardening is a stress reducer. It promotes energy while giving the gardener a sharp mind and the feeling of accomplishment when the gardener reaps what he or she has sown. Gardening is therapeutic too, taking away the tensions of the day when you let your fingers play in the dirt and your mind is focused on what you are doing and not on other things that may be bringing you worry and fret.

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