Craft and Hobbyist Resources

If you were born anywhere between 1946 and 1964; you might at this point and time be wondering how you are going to spend your days if you are retired and no longer working. You might have been looking forward to these days before they actually got here; sleeping in late and doing absolutely nothing if that is how you are feeling. But wait, you have to admit that after a while, having nothing to do and nowhere to go can get boring fast. You still need to be active in both body and mind. Staying busy with activities that are engaging and entertaining makes this stage of life more bearable; especially if you are not the one to be playing Bridge, Bingo or other card games for a night out. So what is left for you to do when you are no longer employed and you have extra time on your hands? How do you fill those empty days of “do nothing”?

Today in the 21st century, it is quite popular to be involved in crafts and hobby groups. Crafts and hobbies aren’t just for school age kids. For the baby boomers, these groups can lead to new friendships and a whole new learning experience when you tackle something that you have never done, or thought you could never do. To get started, all you need is a spark of interest and motivation to do something constructive and have the willingness to be creative, even in retirement. In this time of your life, it is vital that you stay busy and occupy your body, mind and spirit with entertaining activities that will keep you coming back for more. After all, retirement isn’t the end of the line…it’s the beginning of the rest of your life, be happy in it, look forward to being active and doing what makes you feel good and accomplished.

For those who are baby boomers, you can occupy your mind and those empty days with crafts such as beading, scrapbooking, candle and soap making, jewelry making, knitting and quilting. If you are looking for a hobby you might be interested in such things as photography, bird and butterfly watching. You might be interested in picking up a paint brush and learning how to oil paint. If you are interested in reading, joining a book club is another hobby to get into, or learning how to create beautiful flower arrangements. You may be the type of person who wishes to make a hobby out of yoga, freeing your body, mind and spirit. Whatever you choose, make sure it keeps you active and busy so you will not be sitting around twiddling your fingers.

Crafts and hobbies aren’t just for females either, men need an outlet for their peace of mind as well, they too can enjoy learning a hobby such as hiking, rock climbing, sailing and sports fishing if they are the outdoors type. Other hobbies that people might be interested in are woodworking, making model cars, planes or boats. They can also take up a hobby in photography and mosaic art. Whatever they choose to do to occupy their mind and their time will make those retirement days less stressful. For when you have something to do that is worthwhile, you feel complete. After all, not everyone wants to turn into a couch potato just because they are retired. There is more to life than TV and the computer when you no longer have a 9 to 5 job to report to.

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