Learning Technology

Almost every home in the United States has a computer or two sitting up in a room. You can do so many things on a computer, including work and play. In today’s society of technology, having a computer is a must. Just like a cell phone, you can’t do without it. Computers are a source of entertainment as well as a tool for advancing in modern society. And yes, they are and can be addictive. After all, folks go bonkers when their computers are down and out, or in techie terminology…has a virus.

Playing video games on the computer is not just an entertaining outlet for kids or young adults to enjoy. Everyone of all ages and from all walks of life enjoy a good game challenge, which can turn this entertaining device into a hobby. This happens especially when a day does not pass by without you trying your skill at a game and moving on to the next level of success or accomplishment. The reason for this is because video games challenge the mind. It stimulates problem solving, bringing about self-confidence. It is a great ego booster. You can spend hour after hour just challenging yourself for improvement and mastery.

When you are playing a particular game of chance and for adults who are baby boomers, the computer offers all types of video games that let you relax after a busy day of activities. You can relax playing card games, chess or online bingo. You can even go to the casinos on line and play the slot machines and get satisfaction of winning coins and moving to the next level of skill.

There are said to be medical advantages when you get hooked on the computer and video games, for children, certain games are used in treating Attention Deficit Disorders. Video games are considered to be a form of physiotherapy, treating physical injuries that have limited motor skills and coordination in individuals. It has also been said that video games help children with disabilities.

Games the baby boomers enjoy playing on the computer are: Super Mario Brothers, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Gutter Ball, Spelvin and Word Up. A few sites where Boomers can go to get hooked are; Skunk Studios.com and BoxerJam.com.