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Baby boomers and technology is a booming business!

Welcome to the official webpage for the Northwest Baby Boomer Society.

"Founded by Baby Boomers, Intended for All"

Our slogan sums up our outlook very well. It was a cold day at the tail end of 1995 when the Northwest Baby Boomer Society held its first meeting. Within our first year we had expanded, drawing in members from outside of our fair city and from all areas of the state.

Each of our members was part of the Baby Boomer generation, but before long our younger members started to bring along their curious kids. As more and more of our members wanted to get their children involved, we opened our doors wider and became a society for people of all ages. The society now functions as a place for people with similar interests to meet each other. Our members have been known to go hiking, play golf, start a garden, work on a collection, design and knit clothing, paint and play video games together. There is no more beautiful site than witnessing two Baby Boomers who would have never met each other play a round of golf with their millennial children. Our younger members are also fun to have around because they make us feel young.

Baby Boomers are staying more informed about pop culture and technology than ever before. We even have a group who has become a World of Warcraft guild. It doesn’t matter when you were born, come join the Northwest Baby Boomer Society and make some new friends. We meet at the Woodley Recreation Center every-other Sunday at 5:00pm. We also have one annual Thursday meeting every October to elect the members of our leadership council for the following year. If you’re still not sure, or you want to know more about the activities are members are involved in, visit one of the many other pages on this site. We have information on crafts, collecting, traveling, gardening, cars, technology and more. Check us out!